Monday, January 21, 2008

Two romance novels read this weekend already.

I hate the winter.

I always tell myself this year will be different as January approaches. It never is. I no longer want to leave the house and am content with being huddled up on the sofa reading one trashy romance novel after another.

The nasty cold always makes me wish we lived farther south. I don't know where exactly I would like to relocate. A small town where everyone knows each other. Where we could find a perfect little house. Something that has been there forever with shutters and a front porch I could hang ferns on. We could put a porch swing up. It would have hardwood floors and book shelves built in to the corners. A place where it would be comfortable to walk around in jeans and a sweater in the middle of winter. Somewhere that is close to the beach and we could head there after work for a couple hours. Maybe even close enough that we could ride our bikes.

I can't help but think winter would be more bearable in a place like that.

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