Thursday, January 10, 2008

My Fall from Grace

I had wanted Leopard before, but when I got to play around with it on my families new computer my Mac obsessive personality kicked in and I would not be satisfied until I too had Spaces on my computer.

This picture was taken pre-installation.

Pre-installation I was one of those people who swore the "it just works" tag line was God's given truth. Boy did I fall hard. The installation failed three times, the second time told me that I had to erase my previous operating system and consequently everything else on my computer. Good thing I asked for that new hard drive for Christmas (thanks Mom & Dad). I backed everything up and tried again. When it failed this time I had no operating system so I freaked out and left the room. Mark tried one more time and it decided it would allow itself to be loaded on to my last generation iMac.

As I looked around I realized that my whole iLife software was no where to be found. After a short while on the forums I was informed that the new operating systems do not have the iLife package in them. If I wanted the new iPhoto I was going to either have to buy iLife separately from the new OS X, or buy a new computer which Apple graciously installs the iLife software on. This wouldn't bug me so much if the site didn't make it look like the iLife software came with Leopard.

I fell hard and fast. All of my Apple products have "just worked" in the past and when there was a problem with my hardware the Apple people were always there to help in every way they could. It is truly heartbreaking to me to have to finally come to the conclusion that, yes I love them, but in the end Mac's are computers, and sometimes computers don't "just work". At least mine will look pretty when it is misbehaving.

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