Thursday, January 31, 2008

In which elaborate on my disdain for winter. Again.

It is freezing here. It is so cold you can smell it. Ugh. It makes me gag just thinking about it. I hate, hate, hate the cold. If it weren't for the cold winter wouldn't be so bad.

During these unforgiving months of despair Mark and I have three layers of blankets on our bed. 1. Down Comforter 2. Heated Blanket 3. A lovely quilt I bought at TJ Max for $30 that I so badly want to take a picture of in gorgeous sun light. However. The lack of natural light in this house prevents me from finding the perfect spot of sun floating in through the window ... and I am not going to go out side right now so don't suggest it.

Back to the three layers. Yes. We need all of those three layers. Know how I know? Because Mark agrees that we need those three layers. Mr "I like how cold smells". The heated blanket we only turn on about 20 minutes before we know we are going to get in bed, and then we are satisfactorily warm I turn it off and hopefully pass out from the Advil PM I have just taken.

Last night I thought I had turned the blanket on, but when I shoved my legs under the covers it felt like I had stuck them in a sub-zero black hole, again my gag reflex was tested. Tonight I forgot to turn it on.... which is why I wrote this post. I think it should be warm and ready by now. Night.

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