Friday, January 11, 2008

Nation, Here We Come

The week before Christmas Mark and I received an email from Kate, the senior editor at Imbibe, a national consumer drinks magazine. She wanted to know if they could feature our Tea Tee's in their Style section in their next publication.

After Mark and I did a dance around the living room I emailed her back letting her know that we were incredibly excited for the opportunity and would love to be featured in her magazine which is sold all over the country in places like Wild Oats, Barns & Noble, and Boarders. We went out with Mark's parents to pick one up. It is a very impressive publication, I love the design and vibe of the magazine. One of the articles in the January/February issue is 10 Reason to Love Tea, as if I needed any more.

No one has paid much attention to our Tea Tee's on Etsy so Mark and I didn't bother with making anymore after the first batch was done. This meant that we needed to dye a couple more and get them printed, plus get some good photos of them to send off to Kate. A couple days ago Kendra, Adam, Mark, and I went out on our first photo shoot. I think it went great.

I would like to thank my model Kendra because no matter how many times I said "Ohhh! Lets go over there and get some more" (which was a lot) she never complained.

I would like to thank Mark my makeshift garbage can lid reflector holder for giving me the perfect lighting.

I would also like to thank Adam for holding all of our crap, and for the entertainment.

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