Thursday, January 31, 2008

I've alwasy wanted to be Zen.

Mark and I both loath doing laundry. So much so in fact that we have piles of clothes on the floor in the bedroom, and in the living room. The thing about these clothes is that they are clean. Neither of us mind washing and drying the clothes but when it comes to putting them away....... Well whats wrong with leaving them where they are? We think they look pretty awesome right where they are. It's not that bad digging through them in the morning to find a shirt that kind of sort of matches those pants.

When I read Zen Habits "The Minimalist's Guide to Simple House Work" this little tid bit spoke to me,

"Fewer clothes means you have fewer things to put away and to wash. Sure,if you have lots of clothes, you can go longer without having to wash, letting the clothes pile up into a huge Fuji-like mountain. But who wants to face that mountain when you run out of clothes to wear?"

I have a new plan. All those clothes that are still hanging in my closet because I never wear them. I never wear them so much I would rather dig through the clothes on the floor then pull something out of there, yeah those. Those are so gone. Just thinking about it makes me feel lighter, more free. Then I will look through the clothes int he piles and see if I any of that should really be in the bag going to The Salvation Army.

From here on out it is four good pair of jeans for me, tees, tanks, and long sleeve shirts all good for layering. When I find that perfect belt that I have always been looking for I am going to get that. And that is going to be it. Yeah. That sounds great!

Am I strong enough to do it?

Ummm, yes...... probably not... maybe?

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  1. I wish you wouldn't do stuff like this. It makes me feel like I should do it to.

    It sounds like such a good idea.

    And so much work.